A Complex Patek Philippe World Never Knows

In the following week, this watch may be the most watched in the auctions of antique dealers, auction houses and Christie’s. This is not the highest valued watch – this title belongs to the platinum package that we show you here. The problem is that antique watches are all about discovery, and new truths have been discovered.

For example, it is generally believed that Patek Philippe Replica Watches permanent calendar reference 3448 is mainly made of yellow gold with some examples of platinum and one or two platinum examples. There are rumors in Swiss Patek Philippe Watches circle that two examples of 3448 were made by rose gold, but it was considered as an irrelevant consideration.

Until Christie’s discovered this watch in the dark corner of a safe.

Here we have Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches work, which cites 3448’s “red gold”, which is the only example that can be found in the world. In addition to rarity, this watch is still completely original, even with the original display box and certificate. Plus this is Freccero’s original signature, which is itself a very valuable feature on the watch, and you have a very serious clock.

Pre-sales estimate is US$553,905 – US$1,107,809 (500,000 CHF – 1,000000 chf). Without a doubt, this is undoubtedly the first one. It may also be the only Fake Patek Philippe Watches 3448 made of red gold. It will be fast and intense.

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