New Patek Philippe Nautilus In Rose Gold Reference 5711R (Live Image, Pricing, Availability)

The works exhibited by Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica at Baselworld 2015 are, in my opinion, the strongest in years. We saw their amazing update on 5170G (black dial, large breguet, leaf hand created a different world) and 5270 (now available in rose, no more chin on the existing g model) . We also saw the best watch Patek made in the 5370P’s 5370P, which is a platinum minute counter with a black dial. OK, they also got the least Patek watch they had done on the 5524G, but we have already discussed it here. One of the things that we have not discussed in the Basel Agreement is that what is being done to authorized dealers is a new type of Nautilus 5711.

I bet that many of you may already think that this is a real rose gold watch and there is no gold bracelet. If you understand Genta’s design, these watches are incomplete if they are not on the bracelet. Therefore, the 5711 rose gold bracelet is a popular collection, and we have waited for many years.

In our interior there are still amazing and internal self-winding Fake Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches calibre 324 S C, as can be seen through this case. Of course, we will see Patek’s Gyromax balance and eventually reach Patek’s own internal standards. The caliber power reserve is 45 hours.

The real charm of the Nourilius (or Royal Oak) is that it is absolutely incredible, it is a perfect interpretation of this case and bracelet. I believe that Royal Oak or Nouritus is one of the best watches that can teach a young watch enthusiast because you can see so many different kinds of cases in one place, all of which are well-known, and Easy to wear. Look at the mirror-polished borders and shell edges, and you have incredible bristles on the plane.

The dial of the 571/1r is a beautiful chocolate brown, which seems to be a popular rose gold watch. Although not original, I don’t hate this choice at all – it looks great. Similarly, if you look closely, you will find that this is not a basic brown dial – it is actually a gradual transition between light brown and dark brown. 5711 is a 40 mm waterproof material up to 120 meters.

Xinuo Duliusi sells for 51,000 US dollars at rose gold, which began cracking down on authorized dealers in a limited number of cases last month. If you want this article, I suggest that you contact your ad as soon as possible, because in all the new Pateks, they will find it difficult to find in the foreseeable future. it’s here.


Compare the 5711R with these two Rose Gold Oaks

If you do not consider the Royal Oak, you can’t talk about the Nodicius, and vice versa. So, when we saw the birth of 5719 rose gold, we immediately thought, “Well, how much is it more expensive than the rose gold Royal Oak?” The answer is almost the same. The price of the 15400 (left) is 50,500 US dollars, so the difference is 500 US dollars – this is not enough for a person to find a $ 50,000 watch. It has a diameter of 41 mm (1 mm larger than Nodudus) and is equipped with AP’s internal diameter of 3120 and 60 hours of power reserve (15 hours longer) and waterproof to 45 meters (less than half of 5711) . It has a black or white dial.

In Rose Gold (Ref. 15202), the classic royal oak treasure is priced at $50,800, which is $200 less than the 5711R. It has a diameter of 39 mm (1 mm smaller than Nodudus), its calibre 2121 (actually used in the original Nostrutus 3700), and its energy reserve of 40 hours. Gram less 5 hours) and waterproof to 50 meters (again less than half of Nodulius). However, 15202 occupies a special place in the minds of collectors, because it is the world’s closest to the classic Gerard Genta’s design and uses exactly the same caliber and proportion as the original. It should be noted that the 15202 is also a very thin watch, at 8.10 mm, which is characterized by a dial reminiscent of the original.

Which is the best rose gold watch designed by Gerard Gent? This is where there is no correct answer. Frankly, this only depends on personal preference – Best Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches Sale has a good name, its name is unparalleled, even by Audemars Piguet, but I think 15202 is at least more pure than 5711. Both are very good, 15400 models are also very good, as long as you like it.

For me, the ones that attracted me most were those who closely followed the Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches and Rose (RO) lines, and how close the pricing of these watches was. Two years ago, when I saw the “Royal Oak chronograph in gold,” it was $37,000 cheaper than the Nautilus chronograph that competed in rose gold. True, the 5980R uses a completely internal movement, while the ROC uses F. Piguet’s caliber, but this is a huge price difference, and the spin watch is so tightly integrated. In addition, if you are a VC, the price of their overseas RG (no bracelet) is 31,700 US dollars, but it is difficult to compare prices, not all the gold.

what do you think?

I know which of the above three tables I personally like, but I’m curious if you, dear HODINKEE readers, have just $51,000 spent on rose gold. Will you buy it?——5711R, 15400 Or 15202? Please feel free to leave your answers and inferences in the comments.

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