Patek Philippe 5170P-001 White Gold With Diamond Watch

Why, I mean, why do high-end luxury watches have reflective crystals? This is a question that we may never know the exact answer, and the Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5170P-001 certainly cannot solve this problem; but otherwise, it is still a watch, let Let’s take a closer look.

When I looked at the handsome boy I imagined, I felt angry and frustrated and sneaked at me. It’s like seeing Mona Lisa repaint a big cleavage, or Munch’s “The Scream” becomes an emoji. What I can see is something that I have painstakingly worked out and carried out to the finest detail, and then destroyed it, just to impress the modern distraught modern bystanders.

My only theoretical reflection of the existence of a crystal, such as the Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5170 p-001, is its choice because it looks more impressive and expensive. In layman’s opinion, the vast prosperity of the watch industry has experienced the affirmation of the past two years Brought a large number of untrained customers, through natural, flock to the famous reputation brand. I mean, imagine the following scenario.

A customer, because the industry somehow likes to call him and walk into a boutique, asking “some slick things – but not tasteless … I learned from last time.” The hotel also provides seating After a while with a glass of champagne, he asked the clerk to hand him one of these beauties with their hands in white gloves – because their humble human skin was not allowed to come into contact with almost pure platinum or sapphire. Precious material. When the spotlight shines on this scene like the stars in the sky, this watch reflects light back to future customers, blinding his eyes and preventing them from focusing on the very small inner side of the strap. On the price tag.

His eyes were exhausted and they watched as they rolled through their lives in his Maybach and they tried their best to glance at the curved, proud crystals that were not painted. Find a feast that they can feel. Their efforts produced tremendous rewards: nine giant, French-cut diamonds glittered on them – “at one-fifth of a carat,” and his trained upstart vision made him whisper, employees We applaud them with applause. They are about 0.23 ct.

When the entire ceiling and other parts of the store were not reflected to the client, an angle of observation was found, and a vibrant, noble blue dial began to appear, illuminated by a faint sun. No deep trench or any rubbish, just the lightest touch surface. After a while, it is clear that the 5170P is not about the color of the dial, but about those gorgeous baguette diamonds – to be fair, these diamonds have had an honourable fight against reflection because they are also scattered in millions of ways. Light.

Diamond markers have a splitting role in watch enthusiasts. Those who are more confident in their tastes (or whatever, perhaps?) will actively seek opportunities for overreaction, so even diamond-tagged advice will be considered as personal attacks. They want to express their super-conservative taste as much as possible, because this is a safe place they trust, where they rely on a soft wall of conservatism and can make the right call.

What’s more, diamonds on a conservative Fake Patek Philippe Watches timer like the 5170 — I have to say, this is a far more expensive offensive design move than a manufacturer’s recent move into the pilot’s watch. . On the positive side, other people like the diamond time stamp and (I really?) I belong to this set of clocks outcast. If we honestly say that any watch worth more than $1,000 is, to some extent, an excessive, extravagant feature, considering this (especially when you spend a full five-digit number), Diamond time markers sound more natural than ever.

The 39.4 mm wide platinum shell may be only 10.9 mm thick – the Patek Philippe 5170P is in proportion – but it still has a considerable weight. As shown in the reference number “P” and the weight on the wrist, this 5170 watch uses the heaviest luxury watch material. In the Patek Philippe watch, this watch also requires a small diamond between the lower lugs of the watch. This is just to remind you that you only need the best (or most expensive) in the world. Watch.

Speaking of the best, the hand-crafted Patek Philippe Replica Watches caliber CH 29-535 PS is indeed one of the best luxury timekeeping moves, leaving no room for different tastes or controversy. Technically inferior horizontal clutches are aesthetically superior to the spine – the two continuously connected wheels rotate very slightly to the left of the picture above to match the center wheel of the chronograph at the beginning of the second.

The column wheel is hidden under a highly polished cap, as shown in the picture above. This is an eccentric cap that allows fine-tuning of the above clutch – as you can see, there is a rather nicely curved arm connecting the two meshed wheels with the column wheel itself. When the chronograph starts to start, the column wheel under the cap rotates, so place this arm between the two columns of the column wheel, so move the second part of the two drive wheels slightly to make it start with the center Wheels mesh. The distance traveled by this arm requires a hard fine-tuning, and this hat is used to assist – although I still want to see a well-performing timer with an exposed column wheel. I think today’s column discussion ends here.

The beauty of hand-painted chronograph is that you can have all the candy eyes. There is not always a troublesome rotor blocking the road. CH 29-535 PS has a power reserve of at least 65 hours, allowing Gyromax balance and breguet-style hair to complete 4Hz ballet in two days. The 5170P lasts from Friday night to Monday morning, and 65 hours is enough – this is what every high-end watch that exceeds 36mm should have.

Apart from all the features, 29-535 is very beautiful, and I can even say that it is a must-have for every collector. This is not necessarily a lifelong recorder, but a benchmark for every modern high-end timer. No one should be a copy of this, don’t misunderstand me, but there should be solid grounds for any changes to this layout and these ratios—enhanced features, higher performance, and so on. The huge balance wheel seen in Patek’s annual representatives certainly adds a more traditional style, but if you want modern frequency and balance wheel design, you must accept a smaller balance as a reasonable compromise.

Returning to the dial, with another serious pass, the Patek Philippe 5170P is an interesting beast. The current watch market does not lack platinum-plated, rhombohedron-colored watches, but one thing tells me that no one in the hippie music industry will see their 5,170 pence in any recent video. No, the 5170P is more like a rich grandfather wearing a diamond cufflinks: It’s strange, but when face to face you may want to keep your opinions confidential.

Patek Philippe Replica 5170P is very interesting because I can imagine that for some people it was a bit overdone, and in the eyes of many others it was quite old-fashioned. Personally, after all, I said it again. I think this is correct. This is exactly because, by showing proudly some of the lion’s teeth, it will raise the secret wealth of solitaire diamonds and all-platinum diamonds to a new height. I mean, there is no diamond and low rose gold, this is already a $ 750,000 watch, so why not let it live a little?

The last thing worth considering is how the watch produced by the big brand Seiko can have some charisma, but there is also a bit of a show-off component – the 5170P is almost a good example. However, when we talk about the talent for execution, the reflection crystal really should not be part of the discussion. Can not be sacrificed for any reason for clarity, this is why the baguette marking work is so outstanding: their function is design, but also excessive unnecessary and extravagant. The same thing cannot happen on the ruins of the crystal. I know it should work in a boutique, but it’s puzzling and failing anywhere else. It’s like shaking a watch with a perfect evening gown and leaving a stain on your lapel.

In summary, I found that the 5170P is one of the more interesting new products recently launched by the brand. It is worth noting that it is equipped with a typical Patek Philippe timer dial, the dial is very good, and because of its diamond It also has “a style” – as Basil Fawlty said. The Patek Philippe 5170P platinum timer costs 85,000 Swiss francs.

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