PATEK PHILIPPE 5270P Permanent Calendar “Salmon Dial” Hands-on

You may still be thinking about Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches. No other complication is more representative of the brand than the perpetual calendar. In 2011, Patek Philippe introduced the latest perpetual calendar, reference 5270. Since the launch, we have seen many different changes. However, the latest one may be the most satisfactory. Why? Because it has a squid tray. This is the new Patek Philippe reference 5270P calendar.

The new reference 5270P is roughly similar to the previous version. One notable feature is that it comes from a platinum package. Platinum is a very desirable metal. Stainless steel and titanium alloys are still the most common, but these are very rare and hard to find. In any case, this situation has not changed, being 41mm wide and about 12.4mm thick. It has a large hat on its wrist, a huge crown, a square putter, and a fancy lug that only highlights its size, making it look bigger. Between the 6 o’clock lugs is a small diamond, a discreet feature found on all platinum tablets.

The overall configuration of the dial has not changed. At 12 o’clock, you have two apertures of the day and one month. You have 9 hours of running time, 3:30 minutes of timekeeping, 6 points of the date, and phases of the moon. At 7:30, you have a small aperture for day and night, and at 4:30 you have a leap year indicator. I have a small complaint that the indicator of daytime aperture and leap year does not match the dial.

Speaking of the dial, the big news here is the color of the dial, my heavens, what effect it has. Salmon fillets have long been associated with the rare and special Pateks, so it is interesting that Patek Philippe decided to launch a 5270 with a salmon dial. The enthusiasts will know that, despite the excellent manufacturing movement, the performance of the 5270 is not good, so far it remains in the shadow of its predecessor 5970. It’s hard to say what the reason is, but it’s clear that Patek Philippe Replica Watches hopes to increase people’s interest through this new model, which will increase sales of the 5270.

In addition to the color of the dial, there is a unique place where the new 5270P Arabic numerals are made of black gold when marked with the stick. Different hands are also made of black gold. Swiss Patek Philippe Watches also skilfully paired the watch with a brown crocodile leather strap with a square scale that perfectly matched the watch.

These two highlights have had a profound effect on the dial. On the one hand, the color of the squid gives a sense of warmth and a retro sense, but the black Arabic numerals are absolutely modern for me, which makes the 5270P more modern. In my opinion, the combination of the two gives the watch its unique beauty, making it the most attractive and most desirable reference 5270P.

Obviously, the 5270P features a sapphire display case and its lucky owner will be able to appreciate all the glory of the CH 29-535 PS Q. It is a hand-wound motion and when it is completely wrapped it will provide 55 to 65 hours of energy reserve. The sports building, if I am honest, is not the most beautiful, but the exercise is well done. There are manual diagonal bridges and intricate wheels, polished screw heads, and more. The campaign is also strictly regulated and the standard exceeds COSC.

Interestingly, Patek fans responded to this 5270P, especially when you think that all previous versions of the 5270 leather harness have stopped for this new model. The 5970 will always be a special watch, but I think this new model of squid dial is likely to win the favor of some enthusiasts. Although this new 5270P is not perfect, I still like it very much and I hope it will be commercially successful. The price of the Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches Perpetual Calendar 5270P is 165,000 CHF.

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