Patek Philippe New York Watch School Project

The career path of the watch manufacturing industry is not often provided for those who drop out of school. Before we realize this, we either go to college or go directly to the world of work, or even recognize the continued existence of horology. These days, I am deeply ingrained in the watchmaking industry. When people were surprised that the assembly and after-sales service process was done by a real person rather than an ultra-precise machine, I was shocked. But you don’t need to spend a lot of time on an old watchmaker’s knee to understand why. Hout Hollow’s approach is not the same as anything else. It’s not about complexity, essentially, it’s about experience; it’s about all stupid little things that have no rational meaning; simply put, time is up. Patek Philippe’s investment at a live school in the New York service centre underscores their understanding of this fact.

New York’s Patek Philippe Replica Horology Programme Of New York is a two-year program that focuses on the skills needed to serve new students and rehabilitate internal activities. They are doing their part to fill the highly trained North American. The huge gap of the watchmaker. In order to understand more about the school, to understand its motivations, and Patek Philippe’s hopes for its development, I interviewed the president of Henri Stern Watch Agency (HSWA) Larry Pettinelli

The watch industry has been growing steadily since 1989. The appeal of these increasingly luxurious and increasingly complex products is widespread, but their production is incredibly limited to Central Europe. In the past, the United States had its own reputation as a watchmaking country. Brands such as Hamilton and Elgin chose the early transcontinental rail system, but these companies had already laid down their tools long before the watchmaking industry was born again.

With the recovery of the industry, there is no need for experts in North America. The country relies on a handful of schools across the country, cultivating about 40 to 50 graduates a year, and perhaps only 10% of these schools meet the requirements of Patek Philippe for all employees. At present, the US-based Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches service team is less than 20 strong, with nearly 10,000 repairs per year. Given the strict standards that the brand requires watchmakers to follow, their workload is unsustainable. This shortage of skills means that Patek Philippe has been looking for new experts, but it is hard to find. Of the 13 watchmakers of last year, only two were considered to be good enough to find a position within the company, although they were eager to increase their manpower.

This is because Patek Philippe’s reputation for quality is an intrinsic factor in the success of the brand. Just as Larry Pettinelli needs a watchmaker, there is nothing to force him to risk the 176-year history of the brand. This credibility is not easy when your customers often pass your product under your product. Excellence is imperative. But excellence does not grow in trees (it grows in workshops, taught by patient and enthusiastic watchmakers). Therefore, Petnelelli began to plant this seed and plant it in the Fake Patek Philippe Watches horology project in New York.

The training school is located in the studio space of the Rockefeller base in Patek Philippe. It was established this year and has just opened to six students. The course lasts two years (3,100 hours) and will culminate with students who travel to Switzerland for the Patek Philippe Level 2 exam. Two years later, obtaining this certificate will be a huge achievement, and perhaps also indicates that Switzerland, one of the Swiss powers, will have a long and meaningful career. But this is not static…

I am amazed at the benefits of the course structure for students. In Europe, I have two ways to qualify for WOSTEP: you can either find a company to sponsor you or you can fund it yourself. These costs are not cheap – for high school graduates or ordinary college students, of course, they can’t afford it. Therefore, most people have applied for sponsorship from a large nursing home. Once the guarantee is obtained, the guarantor will pay the nominal wages to the student throughout the learning process and then insist that they repay their investment by working for the guarantor company for a period of time (usually the same length of the course, although this can be negotiated) . If you do not pass the course, you will bear the cost; if you repay the loan before returning it to your guarantor, they are legally entitled to recover your arrears. In short, you sign up for a long trip, cross your increasingly flexible fingers, and everything goes well.

The courses offered by the Patek Philippe Replica Watches Course in New York do not give students the same conditions. The course is fully funded by students and students receive a grant to cover certain fees that may be incurred as a result of their attendance. Of course, you have to find a way to support yourself throughout the course, but this is no different from most college students who work part time, borrow money from others, or stay with friends or family.

During the selection process, a prospective student announced that she only participated in the workshop tour because she was convinced that this was a scam. What she said makes sense: for a European-trained watchmaker, his goal is to work below the market level and at the same time he has to reject the development of competitors. These competitors are eager to dig away. Training talent. If at the end of the two-year course, the student decides to leave, it’s cool; if they want to use the skills they have learned in other companies, that’s fine. Why is Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches taking this risk? Because they believe that the potential reward is worthwhile.

They are confident that after learning from the experts, they will become part of the workshop team and immerse themselves in the culture and history of the brand, and they will choose to stay. It takes courage to give institutions like their students, but students respect this trust, and I think they are more likely to reward them with hard work and loyalty.

One of the main focuses of the interview process is to understand the motivation of the candidate. I think Patek Philippe has handled this process in the best way. Tabulation is a strange profession. It requires extraordinary patience, tireless detailing, and the comfort of doing very similar work day in and day out. But it also needs a kind of wisdom – not necessarily academic wisdom, but a logical mind. Memory is also good – your time on the bench will be the most useful textbook you have. The interview process includes face-to-face exams, logic and math exams.

What impressed me with Pettinelli’s approach is that the selectors focus on how to test and the pressure of candidates to deal with the problem, rather than what the answer is actually.

The two-and-a-half-year course will focus on traditional watchmaking techniques, using advanced equipment already installed on the Patek Philippe website. Students will be asked to make their own tools for some of the skills they will learn, and spend a lot of time learning the theory of watches. The course will be taught by Professor Laurent Junod, who was the director of the workshop at the New York Service Center. Junod is also very suitable for this job. In 1988, he moved to the United States, hoping to see another place in the world. He likes the United States very much and never leaves. He is a Level 4 Patek Philippe watch manufacturer that brings decades of experience to the classroom. Patrick’s goal is to restore all their watches since their inception in 1839. During his time at Laurent Junod, he witnessed many historical works passed through his hands. This practical experience is priceless. It is impossible to combine the testimony of a person who was there, like Junod. The loss of the workshop is the harvest of the school. Through Junod as a mentor and bridge for current students, the company can be confident that the flow of knowledge will pass from one generation to the next.

Let’s take a look at the details. I believe that you all want to know how to apply for the position of New York Patek Philippe Watch Professional. Now you can’t. These six successful applicants have just started their two-year course, which will be completed by one person (Juneold). This project is likely to expand in the future, but now Pettinelli wants to focus on making this experiment right. They built the course structure on the basis of the existing Patek Philippe curriculum in Shanghai. The first batch of graduates from this course in Shanghai began to find their way in the workplace and seemed to have started drinking like a duck. This bodes well for the US branch of the program. Pettinelli wants to open more training centers, but one of the main problems is finding a trainer!

Although it is meaningless to make a request to Patek Philippe at this time, it is exciting that if you want to work in the watch industry, you don’t need to touch the industry beforehand to become a qualified candidate. The six successful applicants all came from different backgrounds. Most applicants are between the ages of 18 and 35, with a similar male to female ratio (of the six selected, four are male and two are female). Of course, this helps to understand the actual work. Sewing, carpentry, electronics… Anything that is precise and focused will be good for you. If you want to be a suitable candidate, then pay more attention to why you want to be a watchmaker. What makes you do this? Patek Philippe wants to train those who have an unspeakable love for horology, forcing them to dedicate their lives to a long-lasting and popular career.

This school is a real opportunity, especially for American students, or those with work permits in the United States. Patek Philippe has no cultural boundaries, but the difficulty of obtaining a work permit and visa may make international applicants discouraged. If you are interested, please pay attention to the announcement and update of the Patek Philippe official website. We also report any hot news about aBlogtoWatch. This is a rare opportunity to join an industry that is in urgent need of highly trained professionals. Although the employment course is not guaranteed (you can choose to apply after graduation, Patek Philippe still has the right to say no, if for some reason they do not think you meet their team), it is unusual (free) Opportunity to study one of the most dynamic cities in the world, mastering some of the best watches in the world in one’s cultivation.

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