See The Idea Of Personally Watched By The $2.6 Million Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chi Ming (5570)

After the 175th anniversary of the Patek Philippe celebration in Geneva, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer exhibited a number of new limited edition “175th Anniversary” watches at roving exhibitions around the world. This includes Patek Philippe’s quintessence of the brand’s achievements and values ​​– the limited edition of six mega watches, called Patek Philippe 5175 Grandmaster Chime.

aBlogtoWatch first reported the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175, which debuted in October 2014. David Brendan of aBlogtoWatch discussed in detail how Patek Philippe introduced 20 different complications and information before and after the launch of the most complicated watch ever. Watch enthusiasts and collectors around the world are waiting for news that Patek Philippe will announce at this moment. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches said that no brand will give up the opportunity to produce some interesting watches.

I am very pleased that Patek Philippe has decided to recognize the desire of collectors by producing more limited edition watches. Visit Patek Philippe’s website to conduct a useful survey of the new 175th Anniversary. Although some are very interesting and very good, the real topic is 2,500,000 Swiss francs to 5175 Swiss francs.

Collectors divide how to accept the aesthetic direction with Patek Philippe Replica Masters Uniform 5175 – although most of the fun names have been frequently said “Baby Philippe Master Flash, no doubt, partly because of the high degree of instant filigree decoration. Whether you like it or not Like, Patek Philippe’s super master chime 5175’s case is full of hand-carved patterns, very eye-catching, worth a visit.

Patek Philippe’s grandmaster Chime 5175, in addition to the exquisitely densely engraved threads on the case, for Patek Philippe Replica Watches, the 5175 clock is also big – some even claim that it is 47.4 mm wide. Not worn at all. Now, for many other watches, the size itself is not too large, but this oversized ear structure makes the Patek Philippe Master 5175 case very long. However, considering all the complications, it is only 16.1 mm, very thin. I think the right people (hope that some of them will be one of the six owners) will be able to put the baby on and wear it properly – wearing the right royal costume. There is no such thing as “elegant” or “modern and elegant” in the work of the master of Patek Philippe, Chime 5175 (Chime 5175), but it does look like a watch worn by members of the medieval European royal family. Suppose the characters in the medieval fantasy world, such as Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbits or Westeros in The Game of Thrones, their kings and nobles wear watches Like the special master of Patek Philippe, Qi Ming 5175.

It is a futile discussion to recommend or not recommend the aesthetic virtues or “wearability claims” of Patek Philippe Master 5175. Anyone who buys a Patek Philippe watch for $2.5 million won’t buy the first Patek Philippe watch. Most of them are regular collectors who are likely to worry about the long-term value of Patek Philippe’s grandmaster Chime 5175, which won’t be worn or used too much. This is the fate of many Patek Philippe “collectible” watches: preserved in plastic bags in their brown Fake Patek Philippe Watches boxes. So, let go of your opinion of some of the billionaire Playboys at Patek Philippe’s grandmaster, Qi Ming 5175, to show off his “sonyrie” to ladies. It is likely that this will not happen often.

The Grandmaster Chime made by Patek Philippe did not make much money. Counting, Patek Philippe’s total revenue is obviously about $15,600 (if applicable, after deducting retailer commissions), but overall, with most of the business, the output is higher. Compared to a more standard watch, this is just a small amount of money. Patek Philippe’s special master Chime 5175 is another product of the Halo series, designed to evoke the brand’s personality and status. Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches hopes that after learning about Patek Philippe’s grandmaster chime 5175, he can feel that “in my new Patek Philippe watch, some technology and effort may be added.” This is a basic marketing method, and car and watch manufacturers have done a good job in this area for generations.

The difference between the car world and the watch world lies in many rules and regulations. Most automakers are unable to release their innovative concept cars as production models because they have a large number of regulations in order to make them safe and legal. The watch industry is not bound by these regulations, and they are more or less free to release products. Although I am not saying that Patek Philippe’s master “Chime 5175” is different from Patek Philippe, in the watch industry, similar “extremely complex” watches are often released and do not work at all.

This is because sometimes a watch company has no resources or time to work on a complex, tiny machine. Don’t forget that these machines have a lot of working parts and sometimes take years to get back to normal. In an environment where there is little regulation and only a small group of people “make happiness”, there are some examples of the world’s most impressive watches that have never really worked so impressively. As I said, I am not accusing Patek Philippe because they are not famous for the type of brand, but this behavior occurs in the industry, because most brands see only the existence of these mega-complicated watches is very important to see the lover The owner who has experience with durability than the actual weight.

One is called caliber 300gs AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM has 1366 separate components. Is this surprising? The reason for this is that motion is produced as a series of modules that are stacked on top of each other. In this way, Patek Philippe can produce sports with multiple functions. As I said, by reading our original article on Patek Philippe’s special master Qi Ming 5175 (Chime 5175), you can get more information about its movement.

As the name of Master Patek Philippe, Chime 5175 (Chime 5175) clearly implies, some of the most impressive features of the watch are related to the complexity of the chime, such as a minute repeater. ) and sonnerie (sonnerie). Tiny repeaters are interesting complications that, when activated, produce a variety of sounds that, when interpreted, indicate the current time. Sonneries are similar in that they also use bells to indicate time, but they happen automatically at specific intervals (such as on hours). The time-sharing repeater is like a sonnerie, but as needed.

Patek Philippe’s Grandmaster Chime 5175, in addition to the various flavors of the sonneire (big sonnerie and peitie sonnerie), has a simple alarm function that ends with a bell. Other major series of complex issues revolve around the function of the perpetual calendar. Patek Philippe’s 5175 has a complete calendar system that includes day, day, month, leap year, moon phase and the year. The back of the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 shows most of the calendar data, which doesn’t look particularly exciting, but the information is very clear and easy to read. In fact, there are some decorations on this side that are good because it feels incomplete or inappropriate compared to the other side of the watch, while the other side is clearly more decorative.

If Patek Philippe deserves praise in any major area, it is clarity. Patek Philippe’s watches are not universally applicable to all watches, but Patek Philippe does have an excellent record in designing a dial that is easy to read. In fact, Patek Philippe makes it look almost simple, considering the diversity of the dials they produce, which is a further advantage. Patek Philippe is also good at making very complex or messy dials that make them look balanced and attractive, and everything is easy to see.

If a smaller company is responsible for producing products like the “Grandmaster Chime”, it may eventually find the dial extremely difficult to read. The main dial with the moon phase indicator on the 5175 actually has many different windows, sub-trays and indicators. Patek Philippe cleverly designed them to work together while maintaining the clarity and relative simplicity of the dial. Regrettably, collectors often overlook this talent because they really boil down to “less is more.” Be aware that the readability and logic of all the information on the various dials of the Patek Philippe Grand Master 5175 is due to Patek Philippe’s great efforts.

Having said that, I don’t know how elegant it is to operate or adjust the watch like this. In fact, most people with such watches may not have set them up correctly. I really mean the calendar function, which can be a huge pain. Such a watch will be sold by the dealer or the owner of the “adjustment” person. In most cases, the watch should stop and access to the dealer needs to reset the correct time and calendar information. This is especially true for perpetual calendar watches with annual indicators. Even if it’s simple to set up, it can be extremely frustrating because many subtle pushes and turns must be coordinated.

All this makes me want my own complex watch like the Patek Philippe Masters to consistently invest in the crown-turning winder 5175, ensuring that there is always the ability to exercise – assuming they want to wear or show off them. I have a feeling that too many collectors feel that watches should not be run in order to stay longer, as if they are aging like wine, waiting (and hoping) that their value increases (even if they don’t want to sell in their lifetime). For many serious watch collectors, knowing what they choose is now “more valuable” is something to be proud of and proud of.

As I mentioned in the past, the collectors who are looking for and buying Patek Philippe watches at this level represent very few Patek Philippe consumers. However, Patek Philippe believes that in order to create positive brand recognition and mystery, the “giant watch” world exists because Patek Philippe believes it must do so. Although Patek Philippe has established a very old business model, they must maintain their position and relationships with collectors to ensure that updated and larger items are released, and that successful watches with vested interests are sold at third-party auctions. .

Collectors’ enthusiasm for new limited editions or restrictions on the production of complication fragments and rare Patek Philippe watches are often sold at auctions (this is ironic, because rare watches should rarely appear at auctions, right?), Patek Philippe still A strong position to attract new buyers or frequent customers to buy their less than $100,000 watch. But this is not an easy job, and Patek Philippe must work hard on this regularly, while maintaining the personality and design spirit that they developed in the modern era.

Then let us return to the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe and watch the road show of Patek Philippe Grand Master Qi Ming 5175. This is not the first time to “debut.” Patek Philippe felt it necessary to put the Patek Philippe Grand Master 5175’s speakers in a special box and hide behind the closed curtains until the right time was “released.” Although many of us knew about this watch about six weeks ago, the wedding ceremony was preserved. We haven’t seen these watches before watching Patek Philippe’s new corporate movie. The film seems to indicate that Patek Philippe may be an attractive new alternative religion. For some people, this is already the case. They are always looking for new converts and let the devout people get back on their feet.

The special master Chime 5175 from Patek Philippe is undeniably interesting and impressive. This is a time when you have the feeling that an important watch company produces the products they want to produce, regardless of whether it will impress you. Gorgeous double-sided flip masters are the watches they want to make, they did it. They even made a save in the museum. The products produced by Patek Philippe make them feel important, but they don’t cater to the public, even though Patek Philippe’s grandmaster Chime 5175 has always been an important source of curiosity and fascination, even those who don’t think they are watching a couple. The question for me and those who know 5175 is, what will they want to buy next?

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