Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 Pocket Watch Is The Most Complicated Watch In The World

To celebrate its 260 year history, Vacheron Constantin has today shown Vacheron Constantin 57260, which according to production is the most complicated watch of all time. Commissioned by one of the world’s top collectors, the result of eight years of research, developing, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembling low-producing manufacturing workshops in Vacheron Constantin’s studio Cabinotiers, this unique concept is the most complicated mechanical watch of all time – Create a title from another pocket watch, Patek Philippe Complicated Replica 89 pocket watch and 1728 33 complications and components.

Here it is, at the outset, we should mention that there is no clear rule about what can and can not be called complicated. In theory, all the functions can be called except for simple timing functions (hour, minute, second), but some people think that functions such as retrograde date display or even tourbillon can not be counted as such Features. Nonetheless, we will refer to these features as complexities and features – as you count all these features, you will find 57 complex records in Vacheron Constantin Literature 57260 Pocket Watch.

Now let’s go into more detail about all the important and cool new features, but for now, let’s not get mixed up and start with a real deal, a complete list of Vacheron Constantin 57 complications, reference 57260 Pocket Watch:

Timing and complications:

  • Hour, minute, second
  • Armillary cemetery Taobei rotation mechanism;
  • Three-axis Tauber rotation mechanism;
  • 12 hours, minutes, day, daytime display of world time instructions;
  • Balance wheel with variable inertia and ball springs;
  • Three-column – wheeled split second “rattrapante” chronograph, 60-minute and 12-hour accumulator;

Astronomical complications:

  • Eternal Gregorian calendar
  • ISO 8601 Finance Business calendar, dates and weeks;
  • Refers to the days of the week, day, week, month, leap year;
  • Retrograde date
  • Hebrew calendar date, date, month, month (12 or 13); secular calendar, century, decade and year;
  • 19-year cycle of gold figures indicate;
  • The sky picture shows the constellation visible from the host’s city in the night sky;
  • Adapt to the season, points, the winter solstice, zodiac signs;
  • 23 hours 56 minutes and 41 seconds when measuring the stars;
  • Sunset and sunrise signs;
  • The length of day and night;
  • The moon’s phase needs to be adjusted every 1027 for 1 day;

Zhong Ming complication:

  • Petite Sonnerie;
  • Grand Sonnerie;
  • Minute repeater
  • Westminster with five gongs and five hammer sonatas and repeaters, playing the same tune as London’s Big Ben. Vacheron Constantin Literature 57260 The time can be categorized as needed, that is, “en passant.” Because it is passed
  • In the case of complete winding, the breakdown of the cylinder separation system to prevent damage to the barrel;
  • Quiet, harmonious, and night time pattern for sonnerie, which silenced sonnerie between 10 pm and 8 pm;
  • You can choose between power reserve and go mute indication when setting an alarm and choose between two different tones: Westminster Abbey or click alarm;

Additional features and complications:

  • Main barrel power reserve indicator and impact mechanism;
  • Crown position indicator;

This is not just a long list, but perhaps the longest one ever described as a mechanical timer complications. Measuring 98mm in diameter, 131.7mm in height and 50.55mm in thickness, perhaps this seemingly innumerable countless impressive features and complications crowded in there, Cabinotiers, the studio where Craftsperson Vacheron Constantin not only created the most sophisticated watch, but also it Filled with some new features and features. The following is the most impressive, and most interesting, you do not want to miss.

Vacheron Constantin 57260 appeared just as you did when you thought nothing new was called tourbillon. Their name was Armillary Axis. Of course, special time measurements are important because most of the other complications in Vacheron Constantin are based on real time reference 57260, which is an astronomical phenomenon, while the rest requires precise time To ensure that they exist from the very beginning. The reason for its weird name is that the mechanism of the tourbillon is reminiscent of the celestial globe, a scientific instrument made up of interconnected spheres. This is a three-axis tourbillon, whose innermost cage rotates at very fast speeds of 15 seconds, often exposing the company’s Maltese cross logo.

The spherical hair mounted on the balance wheel, even today is uncommon, and we’ve seen only a few times before, including inside the Jaeger-LeCoultre gyroscope. Given the challenge involved in creating such a highly specific component, it could potentially be used with brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, or suppliers, but Vacheron Constantin reached out and said they did not work in any way. The rotating triaxial, especially the fast inner cage, and the spherical hair are all unique combinations – even the tourbillon, probably the least surprising of all the features of the Vacheron Constantin reference 57260.

When the tourbillon, all wrapped in an aluminum cage, is doing its job, the time is displayed in a regular style, meaning the time displayed on the 12-hour minute dial, and hours, consists of a large, central installation, blued hand This regulator shows its work well for the first time when it was first used in the regulator watch watch factory, a simple and accurate legibility minute enjoying Cheap Patek Philippe Replica manufacturers setting their watch a reference time Р57260 Vacheron Constantin Reference The case, however, is that this layout is really necessary because there is only one hand (minute hand) blocking countless sub-dials and chart views.

Timing performance that we should shift to the complexity of astronomy – some of the most intriguing and incredible, and thanks to many beautiful charts and scales and crafted hand crafted gold hands, this time they are also visually appealing force. Truly dizzying is that these astronomical phenomena are generated in the passage of time, and all this is indicated by the time and hour. Countless hands rotate for a few weeks and months as they slowly drive very complex group wheels and gears, all carefully calculated to provide unique signs with more common features such as exact day and date, to more exotic The way the constellation appears in the night sky or obvious, deviates from the average sun.

When Vacheron Constantin announced they were already working on creating the world’s most intricate watch, we all knew it was a watch and two dials – for a complication of such an absolute amount (which is expected to exceed 30), a plate would not be enough All the different signs of the house, scales, and hands – the movement needs to be more balanced, of course.

Therefore, astronomical indications distributed on two dials, and the most important one is the calendar. Spice up here and there with your upside down hand and it shows everything you want to know when someone asks, “What day is today?” First, Vacheron Constantin article 57260 tells you the exact date of the week, the date, the week, and Whether you are leap year (or, when is the next one). However, the list continues, just like the edge of one of its backs, with months of indications (their respective lengths are shown in a matter of days), the zodiac, and the season (hope You are also familiar with the latter yourself). And last but not least, it will tell you the actual and average (ie, when we measure it, the time deviates.

All of this information is indicative of quantitative scales and sub-dials, and some are even displayed countless times – for example, the dates on which you can read the retrograde Roman date on a 12 o’clock sub-dial tourbillon watch, or on the same scale Peripherals, there is a big finger to the actual date, month, horoscope, season.

When you think this is all you may want to show, as a brand new complication, Vacheron Constantin 57260 provides a reference to the ISO 8601 business calendar that meets the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization can tell the time for business (or that the financial ). We have already discussed the Gregorian calendar (day, day, etc.) indications, so for now, let’s see what’s new and different.

ISO 8601 business calendar is divided into a few weeks a week, the first week of January is the first week, and so on. As you might expect, all you see from the development of the financial world are numbers: the number of the week and the number of the day takes precedence over the one-month and the day’s instructions. As you can see in the picture above, this week the number of externally read scales, the inner concentric full moon, and the number of the day weekdays are immediately above the number display window, with 1 on Monday and Sunday.

Like the novel, perhaps more rarely, Fake Patek Philippe Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 also highlights a Hebrew calendar on its main dial. Not a secret, the Hebrew calendar is a very complicated, and 57,260-feature, Gregorian and ISO 8601 financial calendar versions just indicate how many potential astrological signs – in fact, this is the fantastic new wave of watches management ever made Prior to competitors, both of these additional calendar displays imply a number of additional complications as all show year, month, day, days, months names, etc., have increased, with a total of 57 complications at Vacheron Constantin reference 57260.

We have listed the complete signs with this complication so at least it makes it simpler and we would say that the actual date shows 6 o’clock in the sub-dial range 30 (remember, there is no 31-day long Hebrew Person’s calendar), although the name of the day is left aperture and the name of the moon is displayed at the aperture. Simple and easy – Someone would say, but it’s incredible how to calculate mechanics for a 19-year calendar period below.

It is interesting to note that some of the features in this super-complex work have been designed to be less complicated. One of the most suitable examples is the implication of world time. On a single 12-hour dial, you can easily read out the actual time in another part of the world. Where exactly? Well, a small aperture above the dial shows one of 24 cities (each buyer’s choice), a deviation from Greenwich Mean Time, a little farther away, and a smaller window showing The selected location is AM or PM. While certainly not easy to develop and implement, the World Time Index seems to be the most useful and elegant concept ever made so it would be nice to see this in the other, (mostly) the main collection of brands in widespread use.

The Chiming feature is absolutely necessary for any major complications, Swiss Patek Philippe Vacheron Constantine’s 57260 package is not only the best, but basically all. Minute transponder, grande and petite sonnerie, alarm – you give it a name, it is inside. In the picture above, you will see a large number of partial coordination mechanisms, and this is a shame revealed that all these magnificent works will remain hidden in the dial, the metropolitan well-designed cams, snails, wheels all work together to Help with different coordination functions.

Grand and small sonatas are considered by many famous watchmakers as the most difficult clock complications and for good reason. grande and petite sonnerie chime are “en passant” times, ie “en passant”. As it passes, there will be periods of time and intervals of 15 minutes every 15 minutes, and the small sonnerie will pass every quarter – but only at the beginning of a new moment. To increase its complexity, we certainly hope we can turn it off, so sonnerie has a mode selector that you can turn off sonnerie entirely – so it will not ring at the wrong time. In addition, Vacheron Constantin’s reference 57260 has added a night mode for the sonnerie (we do not remember seeing it anywhere else), and between 10 pm and 8 pm it makes the sonnerie’s Sound quiet. Needless to say, a watch that can watch on-demand can be done on-demand, so Vacheron Constantin’s 57260 also has a one-minute repeater that can take hours, four hours, One hour and a few minutes repeat.

The alarm is an alarm annunciator that sets the desired time on the main dial 12-hour dial. The alarm can be turned on or off, and obviously, as a tidy extra complication it can be told to use the full Westminster chime five hammer and gong (a very fancy alarm) or to work in normal mode, Strike is just a gong, is designed for this purpose to be tuned, not for other timekeeping bell function.

The crown of the alarm windings is actually a very plentiful situation – it is impressive because they can not use the main crown of the wind, watch makers find a very elegant way to use the second level crown, it is not troubled by the balance block. The crown is released by turning the watch’s bow, and then it just needs to be pushed back to the locked position.

Let’s take another look at another complex king: a minute-second timer. Due to its complexity, the chronograph itself is about the same as the timekeeping device, as long as there are many “on-demand” things going on, the mechanism needs to be more complicated. Therefore, the rattrapante chronograph is the most complicated stopwatch feature because it allows to measure two separate time periods, which can be started, stopped and reset separately. On this complex issue, Vacheron Constantin go all out. For complete descriptiveness, it is a one-push split second stopwatch.

It works by using a stopwatch that usually functions as a salesman, starting, stopping, resetting, and having a separate push-rod 11 o’clock position for instant mode, allowing you to continue measuring the second time although the first notation Countdown seconds hand stopped. This is a very ingenious design, with some subscales on the dial, a 12-hour and 30-minute timer – a very rare feat of rattrapante (or minutes) timing. As in A. Lange & Sohne’s double split, two column wheels are used for the two separate time measurement sections of the timepiece, respectively, and the other is the third of the 12 hour counters.

Nearly Thousand Words To this article, we have not yet discussed each feature Vacheron Constantin quoted 57260 in length of a detail and it may be worth it – in fact, just as the three calendars have been merged into a single movement will be subject to special articles , So will sonnerie’s night mode, the magical tri-axis Taub Lun rotation … and so on. Ultimately, however, the focus is on the high-end watchmaking, haute horlogerie, which did not die. Instead, it managed to maintain its bar support and keep up with the pace of all the other, younger and faster-growing industries.

When somebody thinks of everything the watch movement can do, when all the complications have been invented, Vacheron Constantin has released a unique watch that offers us some new and interesting complications – and We already know some of the others, but even these are one or two things for us. We sincerely hope to see these new engineering achievements not every eight years, but more often – even (even more precisely: especially!) And if that means seeing that they will not be squeezed into a hard to reach Works, and more works are part of major works of well-known brands.

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