The Omega Seamaster line of best fake watches has a long and distinguished history. Starting in 1948 with the dress/game model CK2518, to the notable expert CK2913 jumper, through various different emphasess of dress/game and expert plunge models up to the endless current offerings. I won’t even endeavor a complete history, as that is the stuff that foot stool books are made of. On the other hand, there is one scarcer model specifically that I am very enamored with, and it is that one that we’ll examine today: The 1970 Omega Seamaster Chronometer Officially Certified reference 166.010.

The case completion is straightforward, with a wide cleaned bezel, and cleaned beat and back, while the sides of the case have a decent vertical brushed completion. The crown is a basic knurled crown with the Omega logo, a takeoff from the fantastic clover leaf style crowns of the prior Seamasters. The precious stone is a pleasantly domed acrylic sort, without the irritating (IMHO) cyclops magnifier for the date. It has the pleasant touch of being marked amidst the underside with a little raised Omega logo. I simply adore that little Omega image.


Throughout the decades, Omega made a few diverse dress/game model varieties that incorporated the “Chronometer” assignment with going with chronometer evaluated development. The greater part of the 1950’s through 1970’s chronometers made by Omega were in the top end dress copy watch Constellation line, yet they did condescend to make some of their Seamasters with these higher end developments. The model examined today is housed in the reference 166.010 stainless steel case. This case has a more fantastic “shellfish” style to it, as opposed to the all the more usually (and prevalent) Seamaster cases with the surely understood “bulky drags”. The case measures an immaculate 36mm wide with 18mm drags. At this point, Omega had changed from the before snap-on casebacks to a more forceful tighten back, yet at the same time kept the fantastic seamonster logo decorated on the back.

The dial is unadulterated, fantastic modest representation of the truth. A delightful silver with spiral brushed completion, steel implement markers with dark (onyx I accept) trims, and a basic surrounded date window at three o’clock. It has the connected steel Omega logo beneath the twelve, alongside printed script: Omega, Automatic, Chronometer, Officially Certified. That may appear like a ton of content, yet it is sensibly little and fragile and done in a cool text style; it’s truly not prominent by any means. In conclusion, there is the adapted Seamaster script over the six. Dauphine style hands with dark line trims round out the basic, exemplary and tasteful look. The main thing that would enhance it as I would like to think would be no date window, yet too bad I can’t have it all I assume. By the by, it is an ageless and downplayed outline that looks generally as great today as it did in 1970.


The development beats at 19,800 BPH, with a solid force store of 50 hours. Amid this period Omega was a genuine production, making their developments in-house. Later they moved to ETA based developments, which were still great yet inadequate with regards to the caché of in-house. A pleasant touch on this model is that the date has a genuine quickset element. The crown has two detents, the first is for setting the time, and on the off chance that you haul the crown out to the second detent it will propel the date one day. By tapping the crown between the first and second stops, the date can be rapidly and effectively progressed the same number of days as required. This is an awesome component for OCD gatherers like me why should constrained set the date every time I wear any watch. Since I have around 80 replica swiss watches, any given watch may go weeks or months between time on the wrist, so it’s decent to have the capacity to quickset the date as opposed to moving the hands forward and backward somewhere around nine and 12, as most vintage cheap fake watches not made by Seiko

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