Basel Exhibition New Patek Philippe Replica Watches Inventory

The Basel exhibition will open tomorrow. During this period, spy photographs and information of various New Patek Philippe Replica Watches are constantly flowing out, which makes people unable to see. When it comes to the highest ranking brands in the exhibition, it’s
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica Watches .

And just in these two days, Patek Philippe Replica ‘s new style has been exposed one after another. Let’s take a look with you. What good works have they handed in at this Basel Exhibition?

At last year’s Basel exhibition, Patek Philippe Replica Watches produced a ”
Aquanaut Replica” with orange elements. The bold use of color amazed people in the circle: Patek Philippe began to play with flowers. This year, it continued to launch a colorful version, following the trend of younger forms.

Obviously, the design of this replica watch comes directly from the 5524G produced by Patek Philippe replica in 2015. 5524G is the first modern flight watch in the strict sense of Patek Philippe. When it first came out, some cousins felt that “this is the real power time”. There were a lot of criticisms. However, soon “true fragrance”, the strength of the king is beyond doubt.

This replica watch is absolutely the heavyweight player in the new batch of Patek Philippe. First, if I remember correctly, it should be Patek Philippe replica’s first weekly calendar watch; secondly, this 5212A is a rare steel round-shell formal watch with complex functions when major brands are buried in the steel sports watch (including Patek Philippe herself); finally, the 26-330 SCJ SE core on the watch is Patek Philippe replica first mass production stop second core. No matter from any aspect, its bearing significance is very important.

Speaking of Patek Philippe replica’s three questionnaires, the simple and elegant dial of 5078 must be reflected in my mind. But because the dial is too concise, it may not be able to satisfy some of the “sulky” cousins. Patek Philippe replica has launched a dial of 5078G, which is beautiful enough to spend.

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