See The Idea Of Personally Watched By The $2.6 Million Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chi Ming (5570)

After the 175th anniversary of the Patek Philippe celebration in Geneva, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer exhibited a number of new limited edition “175th Anniversary” watches at roving exhibitions around the world. This includes Patek Philippe’s quintessence of the brand’s achievements and values ​​– the limited edition of six mega… Continue reading

Patek Philippe, F.P. Journe And Voutilainen For The Powerful Blue Piece Of “Only Watch 2015” (Only Watch)

Several other unique watches from the 2015 Charity Auction, including watches from Patek Philippe Replica, F.P. Journe and Kari Voutilainen. Only the watch itself seems to do nothing. On the contrary, Phillips’s Bacs & Russo is not only responsible for the release of information on management activities, but also for… Continue reading