Luxury New Replica Patek Philippe Twenty-4 7300/1450R Haute Joaillerie Ladies’ Watch

Last fall, Patek Philippe replica watches reinvented its main women’s clothing line Twenty-4. This is a complete five-reference introduction, which basically represents a brand new luxury replica watch rather than a redesign of the existing collection. As a follow-up measure, the brand has now added the high-end jewelry model Ref. 7300 / 1450R. These include stainless steel models with blue sunburst or gray sunburst dials, and three 18k rose gold options with brown sunburst or “silver” dials, with a silk-like crisscross finish.

Replica Twenty-4 7300/1450R Haute Joaillerie Ladies’ Watch

The original 20-4 came out in 1999, when the mechanical revolution had just begun, and most ladies’ watches were still quartz. This is a manchette-style design that was popular at the time, but a bit outdated-although for Patek Philippe replica watches, there is nothing really outdated or out of demand. Would anyone say 1518 is “outdated”? On the other hand, the new Twenty-4 is round, has an automatic movement, and is exactly 10 mm wider than its predecessor. Apart from the name, the only thing similar to the original version of the new Twenty-4 is the bracelet, with its unique link design, despite the newer taper.

The new Twenty-4 has the same round baton pointer as the original 4910, but they are larger and overall readability is enhanced. And there is another big difference: both the pointer and the numbers of the 7300 are illuminated, which is another excellent design feature that is more in line with the requirements of sports cheap replica watches. The size of the case is also very modern. Its diameter is 36 mm, which is relatively small compared to the original size of 25.1 mm. By the way, Twenty-4 7300/1450R Haute Joaillerie Ladies’ Watch has been constantly improving its model, but this does not mean that the old model has any defects. The original reference 4910 Quartz No. 24 is still very popular and will continue to be produced.

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