Maison Patek Philippe Watches For Shanghai

Although I don’t tend to list the “full shop” or “dragon dial” on my favorite watch, this diamond-inlaid Patek Philippe Nautilus version comes with a dial engraved with a dragon, really Very beautiful. They call it Platinum Reference 5720/1 “Dragon”, part of Patek Philippe Replica Watches limited edition and unique model collection for its new location in Shanghai. It is more than just a boutique, but a “maison.”

Patek Philippe does have an existing boutique in Shanghai, but it shuts it down to support a new palace that celebrates the brand, known as Maison Patek Philippe. The brand spent about a year repairing a Shanghai bund built in 1849, which was rebuilt in 2004. It is considered a historic monument, but somehow Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches acquired the building in 2010.

The limited edition pocket watch is also very interesting. Every reference. The 982 pocket watch includes Patek Philippe Replica 1-17 LEP PS IRM movement with a power reserve indicator on the dial. You don’t see this often, and there are many million Phillips brands. Each pocket watch is in Chinese style, including language and architectural clues (such as the ring design on the crown). There are Chinese characters on the dial, hand-painted and beautifully carved dial and bottom cover.

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