Patek Philippe 175 Auction Interview With Head Of Christie’s Replica Watches Department

The auction house has done a great job over the past few years, thanks to the popularity of the brand in collectors, involving the richest and most unique timepieces. November 9, 2014, in Geneva, Christie’s will be held Cheap Patek Philippe Replica auction to celebrate the anniversary of the brand. It will be an exciting moment, Patek Philippe itself will hold a variety of celebrations, as well as unveil a new super complex watch, while the auctioneer Sotheby’s will auction the famous Patek Philippe Henry Grave Super Complex Pocket Watch, Will get about $ 17 million.

To learn more about the success of Patek Philippe Replica watches at auctions and more information about collectors, I talked to John Reardon, International Minister of Christie’s Watch. Watch guy and experienced watch sales expert John Reardon is one of the people you want if you have any questions about viewing valuation, scarcity or potential investment value. John is also the watch auction process and Christie’s tireless advocate, which is to read his answers and suggestions to remember the important issues. So let’s take a look at him to share some of the wisdom about the watch auction about the Patek Philippe Replica Watches incident.

Like the old car market, the old watch market is the wisdom of investment. The main reason the watch market is so popular is that new collectors first find the auction house, and they like the transparency and honesty of auction experience. These new collectors, plus more scholarships and Swiss Replica Patek Philippe to collect the world’s knowledge level are the secret of success. Obviously, this market is still growing to an unknown new space.

In a world of professional knowledge and certification, the purchase of retro watches at auction time is quickly becoming the safest way to buy retro watches. There is a comfort that you are competing for a Replica Watches that has been thoroughly reviewed by our team of experts. And it’s just a part of the essence of mankind, driven by the same kind of things as you are, and it’s very happy when you win in the auction.

I believe that buying a modern Cheap Patek Philippe Replica is still a solid long-term investment. There is nothing in the world today to say that, in contrast, you can say that long-term value rises. You are buying some real and lasting value, intrinsic and emotional value. With this idea, I also recommend that customers buy watches that are no longer made, and the oldest is the safest bet you can make.

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