PATEK PHILIPPE 5960/1A Calendar, Black Dial

As early as 2014, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches announced that the calendar’s annual calendar 5960 watch will be launched in the new steel sector. This move will make sense for a brand that wants to attract young customers. Concerns about price are not special, but it is almost impossible for precious metals to make the watch feel “moving” in any way, let alone a complicated watch like the 5960. In 2017, they released the Patek Philippe 5960/1A calendar chronograph watch in black. As a result, the desire of the brand to occupy a younger market has naturally developed. In my opinion, this is an aesthetic improvement and improvement.

The first 5960 released in 2006 was the first internal timing device produced by the company, so the brand wanted to ensure that they could use the steel correctly because it allowed collectors, enthusiasts, and of course, to become The watch fans are happy. The milky/silver dial, with its black and red touch, was successful, but I don’t think I was the only one who liked the new black dial. Sport, modern, and undoubtedly impressive sports, Patek¬†Philippe¬†Replica Watches has successfully created a valuable thing for those of us who respect tradition, without being burdened by dust and constant style.

The 40.5 mm wide, 13.5 mm thick polished stainless steel case, dark ebony black milky dial, is luckily clear and attractive. At 6 o’clock, the white gold time stamp, red seconds, and chronograph pens applied, and the white part of the monochrome counter, make the dial not look too large when considering Fake Patek Philippe Watches 5960/1A.

Everything is flipped from the silver dialing mode. In contrast to the black dial, the date/day/month aperture, timing mark and outer ring of the megaphone are more harmonious. Personally, I think the black frame of the date/day/month aperture on the previous model looks too obvious. The best way I think I can say is that they almost feel like black eyes on the dial, although that may sound harsher than I think. These holes look more like glasses and look natural and appealing. The 12-point standby power indicator still haunts me, and it looks very embarrassing, although it is difficult to deny the complex purpose of the function. Of course, the white outer circle of the single counter represents the time of the time, and the inner circle represents the time of the time.

One thing I must add is that I’m usually not the biggest fan of the five-ring bracelet, and this preference hasn’t changed here. Above you can see the white gold and blue dial 5960, I actually like its leather strap, but the bracelet on the steel model is not suitable for me. However, this watch is as exquisite and perfect as possible, the combination of curved strap and wrist, like a five-ring bracelet, seems to be very suitable for watches.

From the shell, the movement of its internal 28-520 IRM QA 24H is very impressive, but at this point it is very impressive and important. Our David Bredan entered this movement when introducing the previous steel model, and I will repeat his summary below: “The internal movement (now breathing deeply now) is completely internally manufactured CH 28-520 IRM QA 24. This means that the sport includes a flyback chronograph, an annual calendar, an indication of energy reserve (between 45 and 55 hours, what the brand records, may depend on the chronograph The time of the operation, as well as an indication of day and night. Its basic movement contains 302 components, and the clever (only 2.48 mm thick) annual calendar module adds 154 more components. We often discuss persistent calendars – calendars are There is absolutely no need for any adjustment before 2100, which means that they have a clever transition to the traditional calendar.”

The price of Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5960/1A black dial steel calendar chronograph is unchanged at 45,000 Swiss francs, which is equivalent to one hair, in US dollars. Considering this is a relatively new model, I haven’t seen much yet (although there are several white dialing models in the resale market). Time will tell if one or the other is more valuable, but it will be interesting to see which new products for young people will be introduced by Patek next.

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