Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A Hands-on

At the Baselworld in 2018, Patek Philippe released the first chronograph Aquanaut, a suitable complication of Patek’s most sporty range. It was launched in 1997, 21 years ago, and is a brand that is cheaper than Nautilus and less boring than the simple Calatrava. This new Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches submarine observer recorded the timepiece Ref. The 5968 is a very cool watch that appeals to a lot of young people interested in contemporary touches like a 42.2mm wide case, touched color, orange accent (one color I personally like) and a full option orange rubber The strap is in addition to the existing black rubber strap. Not cheap, although at 38,600 Swiss francs, we are talking about 3000 Swiss francs more than the Royal Oak 41mm watch.

So far, Aquanaut has been launched in the classic 40mm three-handed date model, travel time model and very cool 42mm platinum model. Chronographs are a natural next step, and many people want a Patek Philippe Replica brand image, but feel a natural wrist in a piece with contemporary size and sporty design. In my opinion, this is definitely the article.

The 42.2 mm wide and 11.9 mm thick case is not a typical chronograph, because the movement of the return chronograph CH 28-520 C calibre allows the chronograph hand to work like a second hand, and Patek Philippe Replica Watches can attribute it to a frictionless clutch. . As a counter-back chronograph without a stopwatch, you can see a 60-minute counter that is aesthetically similar to the 6 o’clock watch case shape. Similarly, the orange chronograph hands, the 60-minute indexing pointer, and the indexing pointer add enough color to the watch. What annoys me most is that the date window and the dial color do not match. This is a regrettable thing, and it is a matter of crossing several Baxter models including the Nautilus.

The CH 28-520 C caliber consists of 308 parts and operates at 28800 vph, depending on the application, with a power reserve of at least 45 to 55 hours. The rotating watch shows the exhibition case and shows the movement with the 21k gold center rotor. In the case of the right side are two putters and a crown, and a 2-point putter start/stop timing, wherein the 4-point putter is used to count the reset and reverse functions.

Of course, if there is no synthetic rubber strap, it will not be an “Aquanaut”, and the chronograph strap is both black and orange. Although the black looks very good, I may go all out to wear orange until I get tired. It’s also worth noting that Fake Patek Philippe Watches has updated the strap, and now it has four snapping features to improve the snap ring. Of course, this watch is more than just a sports watch. It has a waterproof rating of 1.2 meters, so wear it on weekends.

Although I appreciate the travel time of Aquanaut, and it is really useful for people who travel a lot, it is a complicated thing, I will never use it as I hoped. To be honest, I am not Think it is too attractive. Except for a few (even if the limit pool can afford these watches) it is difficult to make travel time look every day while the three-hander lacks a certain edge or attitude, so Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches is the right (relatively) more popular attraction watch.

Regardless of whether the watch is executed successfully (which is absolutely successful), there are a group of wealthy young watch lovers around the world who want this watch anyway. Having said that, I will definitely put this watch at the top of my ultra-luxury sports watch. In my opinion, the easily recognizable “checkerboard pattern” dial never looks or wears better. Considering that it is a Patek, only less than 1% can reasonably afford it, at CHF 38,600, it is one of my favorite works of 2018.

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