Patek Philippe Permanent Calendar Number 5320G Watch Hands

The history of the first permanent calendar watch is a bit blurry, but Patek Philippe’s number 97975 is widely considered to be one of them, if not the first, it has an eternal calendar. So when Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches released a new perpetual calendar watch, there was something special. Earlier this year, at Baselworld, they announced the new Patek Philippe permanent calendar Ref. 5320G, which is special because it can adapt to the Patek Philippe calendar watches of different years.

Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar or any perpetual calendar has special features. It eased the daunting task of its owner and had to adjust the watch to explain the inconsistency of the number of days of the month. It also shows the current date and month, as well as the date and phase of the moon. This is like a microprocessor inside the watch.

Starting from the box, its diameter is 40mm and it is made of white gold. Personally, I think 40mm is indeed the best choice, and the wrist of the Patek Philippe Replica Watches referee 5320G does not look too bulky or delicate. There are many elements worth discussing in this case, and the design seems to be influenced by the permanent calendar from the 1960s. For example, the borders and lugs are cascaded, which increases the visual appeal of this example, not to mention the complexity of construction and completion. The concept of pedal lugs, in particular, is an interesting touch that is rarely seen in new watches.

The structure of the entire box is also unusual, because it is covered with a piece of platinum, then processed, and finally completed by machine and hand. Stamping in metal processing is often considered a low-cost process, but the final product we see here is as good as any other high-end Fake Patek Philippe Watches I have seen. In fact, if I did not provide this information to you, you may never know that the case was sealed.

Unfortunately, despite only one piece of gold, the water’s tolerance is still only 30 meters. Although this watch does not necessarily destroy the transaction, it will be welcomed by higher waterproof performance, especially for those who do not pay attention to the watch. The last thing you don’t want is because you were a bit careless when washing your hands and damaged your precious Patek.

The dial is warm and creamy and I like it very much. The entire dial is rich and consistent in colour, but note that it is lacquerware rather than enamel. Dial configuration is the classic Patek Philippe Replica: 12-point moon and moon hole, 6-point moon phase display and date sub-dial. There is a leap year indicator to the right of the date sub-dial and a day/night indicator on the left. All calendar signs are moderate in size and at a glance.

In other places on the dial, time stamps are marked with Arabic numerals and round marks. These marks are actually black 18k white gold. They seem to be well-crafted and angular. They are also filled with light-emitting materials and emit a bright blue glow in the dark, immediately reminiscent of Rolex’s chrome glow material. The trajectory of every minute is black, and as you can see in Patek Philippe’s work, printing is flawless.

But perhaps the most eye-catching is the clock-and-pin-type hour and minute hands. They are inspired by reference number 1591, a 40-year-old stainless steel perpetual calendar. In 2007, Christie was able to auction the painting at a price slightly higher than $2.2 million. It is said that it once belonged to a prince. In any case, you will not often see the syringe on the new Patek Philippe watch, so this makes the new ref. 5320G watch look and feel very special. Just like the chronograph, hour and minute hands are made of blackened 18k pure gold.

The movement of calibre 324 square kilometers is new. Although the old permanent calendar from Patek used a 240Q caliber, the 5320G broke the tradition with this new movement. It is essentially a basic caliber 324 with a permanent calendar module installed. The biggest difference is that the 324SQ’s caliber completely depends on a complete rotor so that it rotates on the main spring, which means that it will bend faster on the wrist. The old caliber 240Q uses a micro rotor.

The 324-square-inch caliber has all the advantages of a modern Baxter sport, including a gyro balance, a spiral balance spring and a large 21k yellow gold rotor. It consists of 367 parts and despite its full-size rotor it is only 4.97 mm thick. It beats at 4Hz, and it is treated with a large amount of dipping on the main board, using ramps and ramps on the bridge. That is, it does not have the level of detail you can find on A. Lange & Sohne, which potential buyers should pay attention to. Electricity reserves are not entirely impressive, at least 35 hours and up to 45 hours.

The new Patek Philippe Ref. 5320G is a fascinating watch with many beautiful design touches. What I particularly like is the stepped boxes and lugs, as well as ivory dials and timing markers. The syringe-type hand is also very cool, but believe it or not, I am actually not interested in them.

For those few lucky Patek Philippe permanent calendar watches on the market, the new number 5320G represents an interesting choice. Compared with referee 5327 or referee 5140, referee 5320G is undoubtedly more refreshing and eye-catching. Although its price is much lower than Ref. 5140, it is also similar to Ref. 5327, but I guess the watch will have a lower price tag. If you are lucky enough to be in such a position, then all these choices will not be a bad problem. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5320G is priced at US$82,800.

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