Patek Philippe pocket Replica watch sets auction record in 1889

Patek Philippe pocket Replica watch

At Christie’s auction on June 11, a grand competition pocket watch made by Patek Philippe replica in 1898 was sold for us $2.25 million, which not only broke the auction record of Copy Patek Philippe, but also is the oldest one in the world.

Now when people talk about the word “grand competition”, they often refer to the super complex style of the multi-function combination of the three questions Tourbillon calendar. In the 18th and 19th centuries, “grand competition” specifically refers to the phenotype with the functions of time reporting, code table and perpetual calendar.

Completed in 1898, the grand competition, numbered 97912, has the functions of time reporting, perpetual calendar, lunar phase and double pin code meter. The case is made of 18k rose gold, 74mm in diameter, and is equipped with 19 type movement.

In 1900, Stephen S. Palmer, President of New Jersey zinc industry company, bought the pocket replica watch from Patek Philippe replica for 6500 Swiss francs during a trip to Geneva. Since then, it has been kept in Palmer’s Princeton home and rarely used. At the time of auction, there are complete purchase receipt, warranty certificate and original packing box.

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