Patek Philippe Watch Art 2017 Women’s Watch Exhibition

The Patek Philippe ‘s Art of Watches Grand Exhibition was held on 42nd Street in Cipriani, New York City, and continued until July 23, 2017 (see our report and photos of events). Patek Philippe launched nine commemorative watches and watches, six of which are non-Metiers watches, of which three are female watches, including a new extension. The antique watches on display also featured several women’s watches, including the first Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches repeat watch and the ladies’ watch manufactured in 1916.

In a special version of the spectacular parade, there is a ladies timed transponder, numbered 7000/250, with a beautiful blue enamel dial. It includes a new calibre r27 PS, which uses 160 sets of Patek’s unique Flamme settings. Patek introduced this product in 2016 called “Flamme Calatrava 7200/200R”. The focus of the flamingo setting is not the cutting of the diamond itself to achieve a high-brightness return, but the metal surrounding the diamond. After the diamond is set, the jeweler cuts gold between each diamond with a burr, exposing the lower part, allowing the light to pass through. This technique not only releases more brilliance, but also creates a lace-like sculptural pattern on the gold surrounding the background, adding more brilliance. The price of the Ref. 7000/250 is US$447,939.

The special edition of “Second Lady” is another version of “Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches World Time new York special edition”, but the number is even smaller. The women’s referee 7130 has only two 75-piece versions (rose or white gold) with diamond-encrusted borders and dials. Like men’s, these dials are embossed with depictions of the New York skyline. There are 62 diamonds on the border and 27 diamonds on the pointed tip. The back of the box is engraved with “Patek Grace 2017 New York.” The price is $56,702. The 240U calibre is based on Patek’s ultra-thin automatic calibre 240, which is a working horse for Patek’s women’s watch.

Thierry Stern, president of Patek, told me at the opening ceremony: “This sport is a secret to creating great women’s watches.” “You must be able to make very fine, ultra-thin motions. It’s something that Patek Philippe has. 240 is a very small and perfect one, it’s thin but not fragile, and it’s an automatic movement, which is very important.In the past women liked quartz, but after so many years, the situation is changing. Quartz is a decrease today, it only accounts for 12% of our production, and more and more women are now willing to wear vending machines.

In the third edition of the New York Special Edition of Fake Patek Philippe Watches Calatrava Reference 72000/50, the 240 caliber once again played a role. It has a sleek, military-style box, which is the signature of the Calatrava series, with straight lugs, a dial of white or blue mother-of-pearl with a diamond chronograph. This watch also has two limited editions, each with 75 (white or blue dials). The blue dial has a blue-gray crocodile belt and the white dial has a peacock blue crocodile belt. Similarly, the crystal on the back of the box is engraved with a special edition. The price is 29,485 US dollars.

These special editions are part of a series of impressive ladies’ watches recently introduced by Patek, including not only sophisticated watches but also high-quality jewellery watches comparable to Cartier. This is partly related to Thierry Stern’s wife, Sandrine Stern, who is in charge of the company’s design department. He said: “My goal is that 60% of men and 40% of women, and now we have more than 70%/30%, so we have to increase this ratio a little.” “But to find the right style and It’s not easy, because for men, this is mainly a technical issue, and for women, it’s more of a design issue.” I believe that Sandrine is a good judge as a woman. I can design a lady’s watch, but as a man, I will never wear it. When she designs a female watch, she will design something she can wear. She has a good taste.

Stern said that Patek Philippe has three female customers.

1. A woman, her husband has been wearing Patek Philippe Replica Watches for many years, she thinks, now I also want a nice automatic watch. I have seen my husband wear it, I understand it, I like it, but I want a woman’s design.

2. Then there is a technical woman. She understands the technical aspects. She is successful. She does not need anyone to watch her. She may already have a quartz watch, but she wants something different. She is the one who is looking for trouble. She is willing to have a time or something like that, but there is a fit for ladies.

3. As shown. The third is the next generation of customers. They are also willing to have an automatic movement but more simple and functional for everyday, without diamonds and automatic movement. The most suitable is the Nouritus side. I must also be very careful, because I should not change my strategy and only design something for them. We must make some good suggestions for them without losing everything else.

Stern said: “In these three companies, what I want to say today is that most of our customers are in the second group.”

The watch art exhibition is located in a two-story custom space at 42 Cipriani Street, New York City, and will be held from July 13 to July 23, 2017. It aims to uncover the veil of elite watchmaking by recreating the experience of visiting Patek Philippe Replica factories, museums and salons in Geneva. This impressive performance is like a mini Basel for the public. It is elegant, charming, and grand – a perfect place for an important collection. This is a wonder that only a brand with a serious tradition can succeed. Who can take out from his archive a watch made in 1916 for Queen Victoria, a clock designed for JF Kennedy, and a 1948 timer owned by Joe Di Maggio?

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