Patek Philippe Watches Offer An Excellent “Transfer Line” In New Advertising Campaigns

Given Patek Philippe’s position in the watch industry, I can safely keep them at a very high standard – even in their marketing. Beginning in August 2010, Patek Philippe Replica Watches will launch a new advertising campaign for its women’s watches. Watch advertising is critical because they provide consumers with important value propositions and convey important brand information about how people perceive brands and luxury watches. With this in mind, when I saw an ad that reminded me of the three links, I found it interesting.

This is exactly what Patek Philippe Replica new slogan (shown here) sounds like a pick-up line. Not only in any three aspects, but also across generations. “Hey mom, daughter… Don’t you disagree with the precious things that always have its beauty? Can I be interested in some of the champagne?” Which one of the ads is started by the mother and daughter And suddenly smirked and exchanged eyes. Of course, they will have champagne.

The event itself is the brainchild of the Legas Delaney organization. Obviously, a lot of research was done before the event achieved results. Obviously enough people think that Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches needs to have some sex life. In my opinion, the above advertisements are really the gems of their efforts. The slogan itself has a place in the history of advertising, and the impressive voice statement has no meaning at all. There is no doubt that campaigns, including other ads, will resonate with consumers. Not in a serious mental way, but it will work in harmony with the female population. And now I can finally say… “You never really have a Patek Philippe watch, you just have to stick to it until you can pass it on to the next generation and remind them how much they are on a mean night. wonderful.”

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