Patek Philippe Watches Offer Great “Receipt Lines” In New Advertising Campaigns

Given Patek Philippe’s position in the watch industry, I can safely keep them at a very high standard – even in marketing. Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches will launch a new advertising campaign for its women’s watches starting in August 2010. Watch advertising is critical because it provides consumers with an important value proposition and conveys basic branding information about how people perceive brands and luxury watches. With this in mind, I feel very funny when I see an ad that reminds me of three ways to advertise.

This is the new slogan of Patek Philippe Replica Watches (as shown in this article), which sounds like a delivery route. Not just three ways, but the way between two generations. “Hey, mom, daughter… don’t you think that truly precious things always have its beauty?” Are you two interested in champagne? This advertisement was carried out by the mother and the daughter, and they suddenly smirked , exchanged a look. They will definitely drink champagne.

Patek Philippe Replica even clarified that in order to further euphemistically convey incest information to me, “the focus of vision is the special intimacy between the mother and the daughter.” “Damn, that’s it.” This is the product of pathological thinking. Or is it a reasonable explanation for advertising? To be fair, most of the ads that “true and precious things always have its beauty” are less instructive – but for me, this ad is like this. Maybe this is what Patek wants? A little frivolous and naughty selling high-end women’s watches. On the other hand, my suggestion may make Mr. Stern (the Patek Philippe’s CEO) crazy, prohibiting all marketing from spreading to and any other website that Ariel Adams wrote for and removing ads. Sadly, I don’t think Patrick has that sense of humor. If you like, you can check out more ads here.

The event itself is the creativity of the Legas Delaney institution. Obviously, many studies were conducted before the sport achieved results. Obviously, enough people believe that Patrick needs sexual stimulation. In my opinion, the above advertisement is the result of their efforts. This slogan itself needs to have a place in the history of advertising, because it can be impressive, but it makes no sense. There is no doubt that activities including other advertisements will resonate with consumers. It is not a serious way of thinking, but it will play a role in the female population. Now, I can finally say: “You never really have a Fake Patek Philippe Watches, you just hold it tightly until you can pass it on to the next generation, reminding them how beautiful and precious they are on a mean night.”

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