Reviewing of Perfect Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G Khaki Green “Jumbo” White Gold Watch

Patek Philippe replica watches chose the larger 5168 Aquanaut, named “Jumbo”, with a width of 42.2 mm and a thickness of 8.25 mm. The dial and rubber strap are in khaki green color, but things that cheap Patek Philippe replica has always ignored are a little prominent on this watch. I am referring to the fact that Patek Philippe has not really made a date window that matches the color of the dial, and this contrast appears in your face.

Replica Aquanaut 5168G Khaki Green Watch

Green is definitely the new blue, and this new Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G khaki green giant white gold cheap replica watch. Don’t catch up with the trend here, because this is the second green Aquanaut-the limited edition stainless steel compact 5167 version that came out in 2011. Yes, this is another Patek Philippe sports perfect replica watch.

Green is the color of the moment. This time-only watch uses the usual 324 S C movement, which can be seen on the back cover of the exhibition. Although it is a precious metal watch, it is a sports luxury replica watch with a water resistance of 120 meters.

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