The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 Will Celebrate Its 175th Anniversary

In the 2014 175th anniversary of the brand, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Watches has released one of the most complicated watches. There is no doubt that this is subject to the company’s iconic Henry Grave Supercomplication pocket watch, which was originally published in the 1930s and will be re-auctioned in November 2014. The flagship timer, which marks the 175th anniversary of the brand known as Patek Philippe Masters Uniform 5175 (ref. 5175 r – 001), is an extremely complex look at two dials and 20 complications – an eight-year result based on Patek Philippe’s development.

“Very complicated” is a term we are used to when I hear about Best Patek Philippe Replica Watches, all the other most famous works look at our 17 rare and most expensive Patek Philippe watches. Master Patek Philippe is consistent at the top of the food chain, with its huge width of 47.4 mm and 16.1 mm thick and incredibly intricate movements, of which 1366 components – including three cymbals and three hammers, a total of 20 concurrent The two dials are displayed. The same is reversible, which means it flips. The exercise also has a unique 3.5 Hz frequency (25200 prostatic hypertrophy).

In addition to the amazing numbers, Patek Philippe’s unanimous character is very new, we should say that the accident, Patek Philippe’s novelty: a rotating case. Just like the manufacture of some of the most highly sophisticated pocket watches, the “GMC” can only show that all relevant information is managed without a lot of complications, but with two dials. In the case of re-engraved 18k rose gold – this in itself is made up of 214 parts – the same generously decorated lugs between the suspension, and can be rotated on the longitudinal axis, enabling the owner to wear the watch with two dials facing, without Swap the shoulder straps and you can see the other “two-faced” watches. The idea is to make the wearer’s case “front”.

The main dial masters consistently 5175 showed hours and minutes of concentrated installation of hands – as normal – but also hidden a lot of signs of retrograde hands and small circular apertures. First, the large subdial is set to an alarm at 12 o’clock – a bell hole indicates whether the function is armed or closed. In addition to the large subdial 6 o’clock position reserved for the moon’s phase and date display, this side also shows the movement of the power reserve at 9 o’clock and the Sonnerie complication at 3 o’clock.

The setting of the subdial coordination mechanism around the two small display dates can be traced: the display on the left is silent, grand, sonnerie or petite settings, while the instantaneous function of the crown can be seen: “R” stands for winding, setting alarm “A”, “H” sets the time. Last but not least, the two small apertures are distributed at 2 and 3 o’clock for the diurnal indicator of the second time zone and the “coordination mechanism isolator display” (used to indicate safe wind movement without compromising complex coordination mechanisms) ). Another Patek Philippe believes that displaying all 5175 looks at a logical indicator and a relatively easy way to read.

Having said that, let’s discuss the complications of the same name for this timer: Consistent. It’s no secret that Patek Philippe is very proud of the watch of the Zhongming watch, the president of Thierry Stern, who is said to hear the production of every loud watch, the watch retailers and their future owners. Therefore, it is expected that Patek Philippe Replica Watches will incorporate the coordination mechanism into its 175th anniversary model – we are not disappointed. Highly complex and complete internal design and manufacturing movements unique coordination mechanism: in addition to Grande and Petite Sonnerie (automatic chimes and quarters per hour), and the moment of the repeater, it also includes two more, very Unusual bellming complications.

In 5175, the r-001 had an alarm while the alarm ringtone set the time (say, 15 times 8 hours and a quarter of an hour), and secondly, a date repeater function. That’s right, repeater, chime date: 4 o’clock position after pressing the button will be consistently combined with high and low tone every 10 days, then it will record the same number of digits. Therefore, Patek Philippe Replica Master 5175 is not only loyal to its name, but it is probably the most complicated clock ring watch ever.

Speaking of the date, the second dialect of Patek Philippe 5175 unanimously committed to the perpetual calendar, which features four subdials and a display – sounds quite complicated, see what each one does, one after the other. The “case” at the 12 o’clock position of the large dial shows a 24-hour display – possibly as a Greenwich time display, except that the main time is displayed on the other disc. In the middle is a display, located between the days of subdials. Finally, at 6 o’clock, the date displayed, and the leap year.

In short, the masters of Patek Philippe unanimously 5175 r in the history of Fake Patek Philippe Watches will drop more design is very complicated. Only seven Patek Philippe masters unanimously 5175 r- 001 will produce – 6 for customers and a Patek Philippe museum, the price will be 2.5 million Swiss francs, about 2.6 million US dollars.

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