Three Things to Know About the Cheap Patek Philippe Chiming Jump Hour

Gorgeous double dial master bell dominated the Patek Philippe 175 anniversary, brand advertised last year. This is a surprising timepiece, which is a big statement. The table we see today is its opposite. There is a dial and hands, it seems to be a simple example, but not.
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica jump is one of the watches created by Patek Philippe to commemorate the 175th anniversary of its establishment. Bearing reference 5275P-001, will be issued at a limited price of 175, the price for the SFr. 310000. As the name suggests, this watch provides a jumping hour display, minutes and small seconds, and plays a single bell at the top of the hour. Let’s see why this watch is far beyond the eyes.
1. Complexity and Rarity
The old motto for a book without a cover judgment is written for “miracle jump hours”. If you do not think it looks very simple the watch may be complicated, consider this number: 438. How many parts of the movement. Keep in mind that this table displays hours, minutes, and seconds, and will enter a single clock at the top of the hour. Just now. Compare the number of parts with the more complex Patek Philippe Replica found in the reference. 5539. This sport offers central time and minutes, small seconds, one minute repeater and tourbillon, which contains 336 parts – less than odd dream jumps – 102. This allows you to understand the hidden complexity of the 5275P. As we will discuss below, most of the complexity is due to all three time displays are jumping, the so-called “three-hop” timepiece.

2.Energy Management
Eye-catching and jumping complications are hungry, this watch has four. Most repetitive watches use a second spring to power the strike. Most skip displays use separate springs to store and release energy. However, “take-off hours” only one winding, there is a spring jump time. The bells, jumps and jump times are powered by an independent spring, while the power reserve is healthy for 48 hours.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches through the new patent mechanism and the combination of modern materials to achieve this. Specifically, the lever and the wolf tooth in the leap second system are made of silicone aluminum Silinvar. Material very light, almost no friction, so the energy consumption is very small. We will discuss no spring jump display in the next section. Patek Philippe’s achievements make even a single spring, “odd dream” also provides 48 hours power reserve. When you think that at the top of each hour, when the time, minutes and seconds at the same time beating, this clock will be an impact, which is particularly prominent.

When the traditional watch on the hand circle on the dial, you will not even consider whether they are exactly the same. However, when the hand beats instantly, the eye will capture the slight difference in the action. In order to ensure that the wonderful jumping hour hand jumps at the same time, Cheap Replica Watches must design a new mechanism and be protected by another patent.
Patek Philippe said that it designed the mechanism not only to store the energy required for jump, but also to jump simultaneously. The fourth wheel is fitted with a snail cam that allows the ruby ‚Äč‚Äčtray to fall on the top of the cam after each full rotation. Through the lever, this will simply release the center wheel so that it can rotate six degrees simultaneously with the fourth wheel clockwise. The center and the fourth wheel are advancing at the same time, so the second hand and minute pin jump at the same time.

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